Clutch Towels

Clutch Towels is an e-commerce brand that specializes in soft & smooth microfiber towels that are super absorbent, quick drying and mildew and odor resistant.


For Clutch Towels, we conducted a social media and website audit, developed social media content, email marketing, digital ad development and management, social media management, influencer marketing and consulting.

THE ASK: Increase online sales and customer retention


  • Conducted a social media and website audit
  • Developed a digital marketing strategic plan that consisted of social media content, email marketing, social media ad development and management, influencer marketing and consulting


  • Social Media Ad Development and Management: Setup Ad Account and Optimized, Developed the Facebook/Instagram Ad Strategy, Researched Facebook/Instagram Audiences, Developed and Optimized Ads for 11 Campaigns
  • Increased online sales from ~$500/month to ~$3.4k/month (not including wholesale orders) within 1 month by using social media ads.
  • Increased Instagram followers by 56.8% in two months.
  • Content Creation: Developed Social Media, Email and Influencer Outreach Copy + Graphics
  • Email Marketing: Developed an Automatic Email Drip Campaign, with a Custom Designed Template, to Capture Reviews from Customers Post-Purchase.
  • Increased Subscribers by +29.26%.
  • Received a 65% Open Rate (Industry Avg: 19.77%)
  • Influencer Marketing: Developed a List of Aligning Influencers, Influencer Strategy + Outreach Messaging
  • Consulting: Consulted in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Best Practices + Strategy