Financial Wellness Escape Room Debut @ Fast Company Innovation Festival

The Prudential Escape Room was created to spread Prudential’s key message of Financial Wellness. The escape room takes players through three rooms of financial games. Each room represents a different stage of life: Parent’s Basement, The Office, and The Sandwich Years.

THE ASK: Bring Financial Wellness to life to reach millennials


  • Partnership and project management
  • Assisted in the development of the marketing strategy for the escape room

Video from Unit9


  • Launched the full Escape Room in Grand Central Station in Vanderbilt Hall 
  • Partnered with Fast Company to distribute custom content to their audience
  • Three different rooms for guests to escape from, all presented as a life journey: Living in your parents basement; First job; Family; Retirement party (Not a room to escape, but a photo opp) 
  • Unit9 produced the escape room


  • Article on FastCompany.com – Over 40K pageviews in one day
  • Won the “Best in Show” Corporate Image award from the Financial Communications Society 


Players start out in the Parent’s Basement room. The basement is meant to represent someone starting out in their work career and having financial struggles. The next room is The Office. The Office is to represent the working portion of players lives. The final room is called The Sandwich Years. This is an upscale home living room setting that is meant to represent a feeling of financial stableness in life.

For more information and photos, visit Unit9’s site here.