NYC Autism Community Group

NYC Autism Community Group aims to help families celebrate their autistic children for their uniqueness and for being different by hosting events, indoors and outdoors with safe events that inspire their children and help them to bond with other children just like them.

THE ASK: NYC Autism Community Group was having a difficult time getting ticket sales to the virtual and in-person event. They hired me to help them increase their ticket sales for the event within two weeks. The goal was 500 tickets.


  • Develop a social media advertising campaign on Meta (Facebook + Instagram)
  • Write ad copy
  • Design ad graphics
  • Optimize ads


  • Social Media Ad Development and Management: Setup Ad Account and Optimized, Developed the Facebook/Instagram Ad Strategy, Researched Facebook/Instagram Audiences, Developed and Optimized Ads for 3 Campaigns
  • Increased tickets sales by 412% (From 233 to 1,193 tickets sold) within two weeks
  • Below Average Cost Per Click (CPC):  $.23
  • Above Average Click Through Rate: 1.25%
  • Content Creation: Developed Social Media Advertising Copy + Graphics


“The return on investment was off the charts; cost per click, click through rates were well above what you could even dream about. We added almost 1000 ticket sales in less than a month! Unheard of! Plus Phaon Spurlock was a force and so supportive!” – Richard S., Founder of NYC Autism Community Group