Phaon Spurlock started his blogging career in 2006 when a friend of his suggested that he start a blog to chronologize his experiences while interning at Island Def Jam Music Group and serving as Director of Programs and Events for Southeastern Louisiana University. From that conversation he started LuxuriousPROTOTYPE.com.  He begin blogging the events he attend, the artist campaigns he worked on and new trends within the fashion world. The encouragement of his peers help motivate him to divulge deeper into blogging.

After a year after starting his personal blog he transformed LuxuriousPROTOTYPE.com into a lifestyle blog. The blog was geared to both men and women, however most of the content was related to men’s lifestyle. Currently, LuxuriousPROTOTYPE.com is a Online Men’s Lifestyle Magazine that highlights fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, events, technology and sports.

Phaon has also written for Men’s Health Magazine, Details Magazine, Atlanta Tribune Magazine, and Glamazon Diaries.