What People Are Saying…

“Upon being hired as Communications Associate, Phaon immediately improved all aspects of the marketing and communications program. The website was made more accurate and was updated on a regular basis. The agency’s use of social media became more active and timely. He improved marketing and outreach materials for many of Seedco’s programs. He also improved communications between the External Affairs Department and the different program sites, which facilitated greater cooperation and led to a better flow of information and external communications. He has an excellent understanding of technology and a good eye for design. In short, Phaon was a great asset to the department and organization.”

Brian Robinson, Former Senior Vice President, External Affairs, Seedco

“Phaon is one-of-a-kind. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him from 2010 to date and can assure that Phaon has the ability of identifying business opportunities on the spot and taking action towards closing them. Phaon is the definition of a multi-tasker, he has the ability on working on several different projects at the same time while keeping focus on the end goal. He has given me a lot of advice that I cherish and has introduced me to his network, which grows continuously. I highly recommend working with Phaon on any venture.”

Daniel Haim, President, Editor-in-Chief, Bloginity

“Phaon demonstrates great ambition with focused energy. His attitude is not to only get the job done, but to get it done right. Phaon’s desire to know more and do more makes him a great asset.”

Kaeisha O’Neal, Account Manager, Alloy Media + Marketing
worked with Phaon at Alloy Media + Marketing

“Phaon is an extremely innovative, driven and intelligent individual. During his time at Alloy I had the pleasure of working on several promotional campiagns with him very closely, and his attention to detail and team-player attitude were both wonderful assets to our group. Phaon would be an excellent addition to any company, as he is not only a great employee but also a wonderful person.”

Andrea Jimenez, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Alloy Media + Marketing
managed Phaon indirectly at Alloy Media + Marketing

“Phaon is a detail-oriented leader who knows how to move his peers in the right direction. Phaon was a very important to our Island Def Jam team. He was able to push our music in his market and allow our artist to reach markets that we overlooked in the past. I would bring Phaon on at anytime because I know the level of work he is able to do.”

Quentin M. DeBerry, CEO / Chairman, TBMG
managed Phaon indirectly at Island Def Jam Music Group

“Hard-working, driven, focused, diligent, and creative are all words that I would use to describe Phaon Spurlock. I have known Phaon for about 4 years now, and he has always demonstrated the ability to creatively juggle many vigorous tasks. He was always active on campus, including serving in the Student Government Association and in Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity. I confidently recommend him for any position that he is offered or pursues.”

Elena Dejoie-Brown, Student, Southeastern Louisiana University,
studied with Phaon at Southeastern Louisiana University

“Phaon is diligent, creative, and hardworking. I had the opportunity to work alongside him as well as study with him. I was impressed by his professionalism and ability to emulate excellence.”

Jacqueline Twillie, MBA, Student Assistant, Southeastern Louisiana University,
studied with Phaon at Southeastern Louisiana University